Platform Living

Platform Living

A studio apartment renovation in Fort Greene Brooklyn incorporates a flexible raised floor area for sleeping, sitting and storage.

aerial diagram3

The platform, located adjacent to large casement windows, provides a perch towards the west while opening the interior of the apartment for other uses.

aerial diagram1

Storage is accessed via drawers and beneath removable floor panels with routed hand-pulls. Rolling storage units can be reconfigured, allowing for alternate seating configurations — from continuous raised floor area to banquette seating.

.platform diagrams-webCurtains provide further spatial separation and privacy.

sleeping nook

Sleeping niche

Readily available dimensional lumber is used to clad the platform while stock Ikea cabinets are fitted between custom panels and shelving.


Cabinet installation

By shifting storage beneath the platform, a study and bicycle storage area are carved out of an existing closet towards the entry of the apartment.


The project’s reliance on humble materials, stock Ikea components and the use of Makeville Studios woodshop in the Gowanus all combined to balance a high degree of customization with an economy of means for a small space design.